You’re one step away from a free set of minilessons that will support your students’ growth as writers.

A good writing minilesson should make learning manageable, meaningful, and immediately applicable. These carefully crafted minilessons do just that and are perfect for nurturing your students’ ability to write with imagination, voice, and clarity at any age.

Here’s What You’ll Get

We’re sharing a set of eight minilessons: two each at PreK, grade 1, grade 3, and grade 5. Each set of minilessons focuses on using dialogue as a strategy for making writing more interesting overall.

These lessons cover topics such as:

  • “Add speech and thought bubbles” (PreK)
  • “Show talking in your story” (Grade 1)
  • “Make it clear who is speaking when you use dialogue” (Grade 3)
  • “Use dialogue to make your writing interesting and meaningful” (Grade 5)

You can choose to download just the most applicable lessons or grab all of them to see how related skills are taught vertically from PreK up.

Complete the form on this page to download your free sample writing minilessons today. We know these tools will help you continue cultivating proficient writers and lifelong learners in your classroom.